Welcome to Nonwoven Fiberglass Mat Supplier & Manufacturer:NanJing EFG
Nanjing EFG CO., LTD. , established in 2003, focuses on series of fiberglass and polyester nonwoven materials, in which bitumen membrane frame materials take the largest share.After more than 15 years developing with the support of some respectable customers and partners. NJEFG® have three producing bases now with total producing capacity beyond 300 million m²/year. The first base is producing fiberglass nonwoven material, second one is producing Spunbond polyester mat, the third one produces fiberglass mesh reinforced polyester mat/fiberglass mat and compound base. Compared to the traditional renowned companies, NJEFG is fairly new, but it is growing very fast and getting more and more market shares worldwide by offering excellent quality, competitive prices and dedicated services.
Once again, thank you for spending your valuable time with us, hope we can grow up together with the win-win cooperation.