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Polyester Reinforced Polyester Mat for Pipe Wrap

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 Polyester Reinforced Polyester Mat for Pipe Wrap
Polyester Reinforced Polyester Mat is Polyester Mat reinforced by Polyester Mesh, the polyester mesh is the key point to its performance. Polyester mesh gives good tensile strength, as well as good elongation. Excellent features, such as corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-cracking, low temperature and high temperature resistance, strong tensile strength and tear strength, make the PE Reinforced Polyester Mat an excellent material for APP and SBS modified bitumen membrane, paving material and so on. The tensile strength of the reinforced polyester mat can be tailored by changing the thickness of the polyester yarn and the mesh size to meet different demands on tensile strength from customers. The area weight of polyester mat, roll length, width can also be tailored according to customer’s requirements for different purposes. Please just contact us if you are interested.
1.      User-friendly and environment-friendly.
2.      Aging resistant.
3.      Corrosion resistant.
4.      High temperature and low temperature resistant.
5.      Excellent tensile strength and tear strength.
6.      Easy soakage of bitumen.
7.      Increasing the tensile strength and tear strength of waterproofing bitumen membrane.
1.      To wrap the underground pipe line.
2.      Use as substrate material of waterproofing bitumen membrane.
3.      Use as reinforcement material for sports floor.
4.      Use as paving mat to reinforce, waterproof and anti-crack the super highway, airport runway, road, parking area and business lots.
Note: If you are interested in this material, just tell us your application, our team can evaluate the material according to your demand and introduce you the right material with technical data sheet. If the technical data is acceptable for you, we can then prepare samples for you.
 Technical Data

Items Specification
Code PP100-45P
Area weight 100g
Tensile Strength MD 600N/5cm
Tensile Strength CD 500N/5cm
Mesh Open 5*6.25mm
Polyester mat weight 45g/m2
Binder Content 25%
Elongation 16%
Paper Core diameter 152mm
Roll diameter 760mm
Roll Length 1100m/roll
Width 1000mm
Loading 114rolls/40'HC
without pallet
Loading capacity 125400m2/40'HC