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Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced Polyester Mat

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Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced Polyester Mat

Fiberglass Mesh Reinforced Polyester Mat is Polyester Mat reinforced by Fiberglass Scrim. This mat is mainly used as excellent substrate material for APP or SBS modified bitumen membrane, oil pipe wrapping material, Geotextile material, reinforcement of sports floor, reinforcement and waterproof of high-way, airport run way, etc. The reinforced polyester mat features high tensile strength, high tear strength, corrosion resistant and easy soakage by bitumen. The tensile strength of the reinforced polyester mat is adjustable by changing the mesh size of all yarns to meet different requirements.
1.       Low cost.
2.       Easy application.
3.       Aging resistance.
4.       High temperature resistance.
5.       Extends the life of waterproofing bitumen membrane and road.
6.       Increases the tensile strength and tear strength of waterproofing bitumen membrane.
1.       To wrap the pipe line.
2.       To be used as substrate material of waterproofing bitumen membrane.
3.       To be used as reinforcement material of sports floor.
4.       To be used as paving mat to reinforce, waterproof and anti crack of the highway, airport run way, etc.
5.       To be used as Geotextile material.    

Technical Data

Product Code PF90-45P PF110-45P PF145-45P PF180-110P
Structure Polyester Mat +
Fiberglass Scrim
Polyester Mat +
Fiberglass Scrim
Polyester Mat +
Fiberglass Scrim
Polyester Mat +
Fiberglass Scrim
Area Weight
90 110 145 180
Tensile Strength MD (N/5cm) 700 700 1100 960
Tensile Strength CD (N/5cm) 250 700 900 660
Density of
warp and weft
3X1 3X1.6 3X2.1 4X1.6
Polyester Mat Weight
45 45 45 110
Roll Length
110 1100 850 650
Roll Dia
760 760 760 760
Paper Core Dia
76 or 152 76 or 152 76 or 152 76 or 152
1002 1002 1002 1002
Elongation at Break
( % )
4 4 4 4
Loading Capacity
( Rolls/40’HC)
114 114 114 114