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Battery Separator Tissue

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Battery Separator Tissue
 Battery separator tissue is produced with glass fiber and features high area weight, low DC mass resistivity, high absorption capacity, good acid resistance, low content of deoxidized KM-nO4 organic substance and low impurity as well as proper stiffness, smooth surface and uniform thickness. Using this fiberglass tissue as the separator, the compound lead acid battery has the advantages of low resistivity, high porosity and large capacity, better mechanical strength and vibration resistance. The battery fixed up with this type of separator plates has stronger starting power and longer service lifetime, therefore it has become a trend to replace the traditional battery separator plate with this fiberglass one.

 Technical Data

Item Unite Specification
    S-BT0.3 S-BT0.4 S-BT0.5 S-BT0.6
Thickness mm 0.3±0.03 0.4±0.03 0.5±0.04 0.6±0.04
Binder Content % <20      
Tensile Strength MD N/5cm ≥60 ≥80 ≥100 ≥120
Acid resistance in 15 minutes % ≤2      
Acid resistance in 72 hours % ≤3      
Thickness Variation % ≤5      
Wet Out S ≤100 ≤25 ≤10 ≤10
Original State Content of KMnO4 C(1/5KMnO4)=0.01/L ml/g ≤15      
CL Content % ≤0.003      
Fe Content % ≤0.005      
Mn Content % ≤0.003      
Roll Width mm 1000±5