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Fiberglass floor Tissue

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Fiberglass floor tissue
Features: Uniform thickness, dimensional stability, non-deformation and non-distortion under increased temperature, mold resistant and easy impregnation with resin coating. The PVC cushion and vinyl flooring made from this substrate is an ideal decorative material for floor decoration in domestic residences on account of their characteristics such as smooth appearance, non-shrinkage, non-deformation, bright color, convenient lay-up and easy cleaning. At the same time, this mat can be manufactured into a variety of colorful facing materials that is often used in the internal decoration in elegant hotels.
Technical data
Iterms Fiberglass floor tissue
F-DB-0.3 F-DB-0.4 F-DB-0.5
Area Weight(G/SQM) 30 40 50
Binder Content(%) 22-28 18-24 19-25
Thickness(mm) 0.3-0.36 0.38-0.46 0.45-0.55
Tensile Strength MD(N/50mm) 120 136 175
Tensile Strength CD(N/50mm) 80 112 140
Air Pemeabitily(m 3 /m 2 s) 4.5 4.4 3.8