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NanJing EFG offer Superior performance with a great price Fiberglass products . We take a full Fiberglass products to meet your needs...

PVC Impregnated Fiberglass Mat

PVC Impregnated Fiberglass Mat PVC impregnated fiberglass mat is using as stabilizing layer of PVC fl... .

PVC Coated Fiberglass Floor Mat

PVC Coated fiberglass mat PVC coated fiberglass mat is using to produce PVC sports floor. This produc... .

Cement Coated Fiberglass Mat

Cement Coated Fiberglass mat 460g Cement Coated Fiberglass mat is using the fiberglass mat is base ma... .

Polyester Fiberglass Mat

Polyester fiberglass mat is produced from the mixture of glass fiber and polyester fiber by wet lay-o... .

Fiberglass Floor Tissue

Fiberglass floor Tissue Fiberglass floor tissue Features: Uniform thickness, dimensional stability, n... .

Reinforced Fiberglass Tissue

Reinforced Fiberglass Mat (Fiberglass mat + scrim) Reinforced Fiberglass Mat is a type of Fiberglass ... .

Fiberglass Surface Tissue

Fiberglass Surface Tissue (FRP surface Tissue) Fiberglass surface tissue is characterized as uniform ... .

Fiberglass Roofing Mat

Fiberglass roofing mat Fiberglass Roofing mat/tissue (fiberglass veil, fiberglass fleece) is produced... .


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    What sound absorbing panels have good sound insulation

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  • Paint market development trend

    Paint market development trend

    In the past, many of the coatings we used were very foreign products, but with the development of the economy, many local coating companies are not. The development of the break, and in jus...

  • Performance and main use of silicone rubber coated glass fib

    Performance and main use of silicone rubber coated glass fib

    Silicone-coated glass fiber fireproof cloth is a high-temperature, anti-corrosion, high-strength glass fiber cloth, which is made of silicone or impregnated. It is a new high-performance, m...


Nonwoven Fiberglass Mat Manufacturer:NanJing EFG

NANJING EFG CO., LTD. has been created a brand focused in manufacturing waterproofing fiberglass and composit base since 2006,focuses on series of thermal insulation material for industrial projects such as oil refinery, petrochemical, power plant and so on.We are dedicated to constant improvements in every area of our business and to doing our job right the first time, not only on fiberglass tissue, reinforced fiberglass tissue, FRP tissue, but also on polyester mat, spunbond polyester, reinforced polyester and fiberglass polyester composite bases; we have developed several unique composite ...